ICON offers the most comprehensive service packages that are available to charter schools.  When you partner with ICON, we will deliver professional, high-quality services that meet the individual needs of your organization.  The following lists the most commonly requested services from our clients.

Charter Development

Working together with you and your ideas, we help guide you through the creation and initial development of your charter school.

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Grant Writing

From private foundations to State and Federal programs, there are numerous funding opportunities for charter schools to take advantage of.

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Business Consulting & Training

A key component in making your school successful is building capacity within your organization.

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Accounting, Payroll & Finance

ICON uses a sophisticated financial software that enables us to provide accurate budget forecasts, detailed cash flow position and projections, and a comprehensive financial analysis.

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Human Resources

The team at ICON can conduct a needs-assessment to identify the issues and struggles faced by the school’s HR department and work collaboratively with the school management team to find an effective solution.

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Compliance & Reporting

With the team of experts at ICON who has experience in charter school development, operations, and audits, we ensure that your school will be compliant with all district and state regulations.

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Attendance & Data

Having an accurate attendance system that is compliant with State standards is critical, as it is the major driving force in determining the school’s funding.

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Governance & Board Development

The ability of a charter school to carry out its mission and vision relies heavily on the strength of its organizational foundation, the governing board.  A strong charter school board is a board that remains effective.

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Curriculum & Instruction

The key leading indicator in determining a charter school’s success is its educational program.

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